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Favorite ThisTop 10 Summer Music Festivals

Published: September 13, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Festival season is a beautiful time. Most people look forward to Christmas or Presidents’ Day all year long, but us bass heads toss and turn on a nightly basis looking towards May to September months. Each weekend is a new journey, and obligations get thrown out the window when summer comes into full swing. Compiled below is our list of summer festies across the United States, highlighting the best of the best. Pull out those sleeping bags, apologize to your liver, and make haste towards…

10. Summer Camp - Chillicothe, IL - May 24-26th
Summer Camp - Top 10 Summer Music Festivals

Although this year’s Summer Camp was plagued with unrelenting torrents of rain and the deepest depths mud has ever explored, we’ve still got love for the ever-evolving festival. From its diverse lineup filled with stand out performers, to a gorgeous waterfront location, Summer Camp is just waiting to whip you into shape.

9. Wakarusa - Ozark, AR - May 30-June 2nd
Wakarusa - Top 10 Summer Music Festivals

Wakarusa and Summer Camp might host their respective festivals a couple states apart, but there’s one thread that undoubtedly connected the two in 2013: rain, rain, and more rain. The tenth anniversary of Waka turned into an all-out mud bath this year, as attendees battled endless sheets of precipitation to experience relentless servings of head-turning music. Just look up some pictures, you’ll see.

8. Spring Awakening - Chicago, IL - June 15th-17th
Spring Awakening - Top 10 Summer Music Festivals

When most make people haste towards Chicago’s legendary Soldier Field, they’re preparing themselves to pound beers, whip up some dogs, and watch The Bears clash things out American style on the gridiron. This past June, hoards of electronic music lovers traveled to these same grounds for a very different reason. Three days of pulsing bass, electro, house, and trance served up in true Spring Awakening style. Highlights included a soaking set from Nectar. Whoo!

7. Sonic Bloom - Georgetown, CO - June 13th-16th
Sonic Bloom - Top 10 Summer Music Festivals

Certain festivals stand out solely based on their mouth-watering lineups, while others rope attendees in with bewitching ambiances, breathtaking locations, and boundless supplies of time-consuming actives. This is where Sonic Bloom comes into play. “Sonic womb” boasts both of these key facets, amalgamating sublime performances with workshops, yoga, and a tantalizing backdrop where you see tomorrow’s headliners today. 

6. Lightning in a Bottle - Temecula, CA - July 11th-15th
Dog Blood - Top 10 EDM Releases - August 2013

Lightning in a Bottle is exactly what it sounds like: A sonic juggernaut of explosive music, mood-shifting artwork, and visceral sights just waiting to sweep music lovers in. Beyond the festival’s multifarious lineup is a stunning showcasing of tranquil destinations like the Temple of Consciousness and Lumi Lounge, all sitting alongside the peaceful shores of its new location by Lake Skinner.


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