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Favorite ThisTop 10 Pretty Lights Songs

Published: March 5, 2014

By: Kelly Youhas

Top 10 Pretty Lights SongsOkay, so you're new to Pretty Lights. Maybe you've recently discovered the brilliance that is Derek Vincent Smith through his most recent album, A Color Map of the Sun. No need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. We have a list aimed to help you get behind the classics that started it all, open your mind up to some of his older, and more well-known tracks, and most importantly, help you build a greater love for Pretty Lights music.

If you've been a fan for quite some time, we hope this list brings back memories of being at shows with friends or times it has changed your life in some way. Or at least fodder for you to rant on the internet.

10. High School Art Class
Released in 2010 off the EP, Spilling Over Every Side, “High School Art Class” is a solid 8 minutes of classic Pretty Lights melodious magic. If you are new to his music, this is a good starter track demonstrating the eclectic samples and catchy beats that make him such a soulful artist. Mixing bits and pieces of songs that originated long before drivers ed, Pretty Lights aims to take you ALMOST as high as you actually were during your high school art class. Job well done sir—now let’s “aim” toward #9 in our countdown.

9. Aimin' at Your Head
After graduating from “High School” you are now ready to dive deeper into the head of Pretty Lights. Released in 2008, “Aimin’ at Your Head” will have you smiling and grooving in no time. This track can be found on Disc 2 of the double-disc album, Filling Up The City Skies, which was Pretty Lights’ second full-length release. There are several amazing tracks on this album and this is just one of them. It leads you to our eighth pick, helping you “understand” the musical art that is Pretty Lights.

8. Understand Me Now
A truly powerful song off the album Making Up A Changing Mind, “Understand Me Now” is a soothing tune that reverberates love and inspiration to the masses. Many will agree that is has helped them through a tough time or changed their life in some way. This song is yet another example of how versatile Pretty Lights is in his work and his reach. It almost makes you want to go to church! Which leads us to #7…

7. Sunday School
From the album, Passing By Behind Your Eyes (2009), “Sunday School” lifts you up among the purple clouds where you puff one with Biggie Smalls on a hill of White Owls. If my Sunday School teacher played Pretty Lights, I’d go all the time! Church is a good place to go and warm up, though, especially during this frigid winter. If you live on the east coast, this weather may have you cranking up the heat AND the volume on our next song.

6. Summer's Gone
Another classic hit from Filling Up The City Skies, “Summer’s Gone” takes you, the listener, on a little mental vacation. For those of us in the States, yes, in fact, summer is long gone! However, this song will help take your mind to a warmer place and maybe get you moving a little (also good for blood flow).

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