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Favorite ThisTop 10 Pretty Lights Songs [Page 2]

Published: March 5, 2014

By: Kelly Youhas

5. I Know The Truth
Truth is, Pretty Lights gets a little dirty sometimes! This song shows no mercy on those who can’t get down to a little bass from time to time and a great example of how hard hitting he can go. It definitely turned a lot of people on to his music when it was released a few years ago. So, now that you know the truth about Pretty Lights music, “The Time Has Come” to let you in on our #4 choice.

4. The Time Has Come
 A song off his 2008 album, Filling Up the City Skies, “The Time Has Come” has become the white whale for PL fans across the country. It conveys nothing but good vibes and there is no greater feeling than finally seeing it live. It almost gives me goose bumps thinking about it! Pretty Lights has a way of bringing love to the planet through his many styles and this is just one more to brag about. 

3. I Can See it in Your Face
In 2010, this song was released as a part of Making Up A Changing Mind. Though it is one of his (relatively) newer songs, it is without a doubt one of his best! It captured the attention of many who were late to the Pretty Lights party, and gave some a reason to fall in love all over again! This is just a solid jam that demonstrates his amazing talents. Seeing this played at Red Rocks with a live band is probably the best way to enjoy it. Imagine this song live with horns, drums, keyboard and tons of BASS. We hope you are starting to see why Pretty Lights is the man. Moving on to our #2 pick, we will show you what makes him hot.

2. Hot Like Sauce
Arguably the best song from the Filling Up The City Skies album, “Hot Like Sauce” epitomizes Pretty Lights’ style. If you dig this song, you are a certified PL fan for life! It's a mix of just about every genre from hip-hop to funk to jazz. If you're a Pretty Lights fan and still haven’t heard this song, you should probably not tell anyone and shamefully listen to it in secret. Now, to reveal the #1 Pretty Lights song on our list, take a deep breath and smile because everything in this world is beautiful through his music.