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Favorite ThisTop 10 OPIUO Songs [Page 2]

Published: November 26, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

7. Infected Mushroom - U R So F**ked

Infected Mushroom has never sounded so funky. This remix sounds like nothing else we've ever heard. Totally off-the-wall and completely addicting, OPIUO's message to other producers is after he put out this song was "U R so FUCKED." Step ya game up.

6. Creamy Taco

The earliest gem on our list comes from 2010's Slurp & Giggle, a fiery track and an... *ahem*... interesting image with plenty of spunk.

5. Shapeshifter - Monarch (OPUIO Remix)

Back when Oscar was on the podcast a year ago, he gave us a sneak peek of this Shapeshifter remix he was working on, and holy shit did it blow our minds. It's even more incredible live. With two distinctly different parts, like movements in a symphony, OPIUO flawlessly shifts gears, and then brings us back with such brilliant melodies and rhythmic moods. Wow.

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