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Favorite ThisTop 10 North Coast Music Festival EDM Artists [Page 3]

Published: August 6, 2014

By: Anand Harsh


Uhhh... M4SONIC has nothing to do with the midwest. I don't even know if he's from the midwest of Australia. I don't even know if Australia has a midwest. The bottom line is, I want to see if this kid can really pull this shit off live for an extended period of time. The grace and agility by which he flutters his fingers all over that Launchpad are jaw-dropping. Accusing DJs of not having any talent? Just button pushers, are they? Well here's a button pusher for ya. He's singlehandedly moved a few thousand units for Novation, so let's see if he can rock a few thousand people.

3. Cosby Sweater

The legend of Cosby Sweater will add another chapter during North Coast. The Naptown trio is already midwestern royalty, but the festival slot and the prime after party will cement the relative newcomers as one of the best live electronic acts in the scene today. Grab Rudy, grab Theo, and grab Vanessa; no one's gonna want to miss this set.

2. Wick-it The Instigator

He maybe a southern boy from Nashville, but Wick-it The Instigator is a fan-favorite in the midwest. He's a little bit country, but he's a lotta bit rock 'n' roll, and his last Chicago show with Manic Focus was crazy balls. The mash-master is on the prowl, and he's ready to tear Union Park up.

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