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Favorite ThisTop 10 March Madness EDM Artists

Published: March 20, 2014
By: Kelly Youhas

Top 10 Must-See Artists at UltraMarch Madness 2014 is officially underway! Which teams are you taking to the Final Four? Which songs will take them there? Inspired by the spirit of competition, we at the Untz have compiled our own picks that are sure to bring out the madness in us all.

We aim to “Pump up the Jam” for a new age of EDM greats like those from the original Jock Jams that motivated the masses back in the 90s. These new-aged artists boast the confidence it takes to someday hold titles considered to be classics but until then, their job is to get you excited for the chaos that is, NCAA basketball. No techno-cal fouls here. The referees here at the Untz let them play hard on the dance floor. March Madness 2014. Pump up these jams!

Before we get started.
Just for fun. In case you missed the 90s...

10. ShockOne

Australian producer Karl Thomas, better known as ShockOne, aims to put on the full court press with this incredibly heavy drum and bass rip off his 2013 album entitled, Universes. Be careful! All of the tracks are extremely catchy, hard-hitting and make it difficult not to “lose control” in the locker room or on the dance floor.

9. Vokab Kompany

San Diego-based live electronic and hip-hop act Vokab Kompany knows how to inspire champions with their 2013 album, V Sides: Kollabs and Remixes Vol 1. In true mixtape style, each and every song will have you high flying to the rim, guaranteed! Check out “Let it Fly” featuring lyrical genius, The Grouch.

8. Luck & Lana Kill The Computer

Another Cali-based group, Luck & Lana Kill The Computer is a special collaboration project between MC's Luckyiam of Living Legends, Lana Shea, and dubstep trio Kill The Computer. Their self-titled EP that dropped in 2013 will warm you up for a championship performance. Catch their debut Coachella performance this year to get ahead of the game! 

7. Swindle

Introducing Swindle, a multi-talented musician and producer from South London with a sound like nothing you’ve ever heard. Taking influence from jazz, reggae, and soul artists (including Miles Davis, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder), Swindle takes on dub and grime like a champion. Scoring a slam dunk on our countdown, his latest album, Long Live the Jazz  (2013) will have you racking up points with your buds on the car ride to the Final Four.

6. Arkasia

Pure madness! Arkasia began playing violin at age 5. By age 10 he played with an orhestra and by 12 was collaborating on the creation of mini-operas. A self-taught drummer in a metal band, by 2000 he began to compose electronic music founding the ADAPTEK collective with two friends. His influences include classical, speedcore, breakcore, dnb, trip hop metal and more. His latest album released in 2013, Phoenix, incorporates all of these and more.


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