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Favorite ThisTop 10 March Madness EDM Artists [Page 2]

Published: March 20, 2014
By: Kelly Youhas

5. Savant
Rarely seen without his mask, “mad” is an understatement for the next artist on our list! Aleksander Vinter is a Norwegian musician who produces under the alias Savant. To see him perform live is the equivalent of witnessing Ozzy Osbourne back in his bat-biting days because you probably wouldn’t be surprised if Savant were to pull the same antics. It is his extremely hard and unexpected nature that makes him edgy, unique and worth diving into. His sound is intense and will without a doubt get you pumped for March Madness.

Over the last year, Savant has been busy releasing track after track. Catch a sampling of his style with the dirty new mixtape, Zombies that will take you on a mind-bending adventure through the mind of Savant.

4. Revolvr
Las Vegas artist and producer Touvan Sughiarto knows how to churn out some crazy house beats that put the “march” in March Madness. Not only will you be pumping your fist and goose-stepping to his pulsating hooks, you will find yourself falling in love with his story. A fan of The Prodigy and Crystal Method during his high school years, Touvan relocated from The Bay Area to San Diego to finish college, where he perfected his skills on the decks. While, a detour into the corporate world post-college delayed his eventual destiny, a sunrise at 2010's Burning Man festival changed everything.

"I was watching the sun come up, and something overcame me," recalls Revolvr. "It was like I got slapped in the face. I knew that I needed to be doing music. I wasn't happy in the corporate environment even though I was doing well in it. I wanted to walk away from everything I was doing and chase what I loved. I went home, quit my job, camped out in the studio for four months, and found my sound."

Are you ready for Revolvr? Click the links below to march your way to NCAA championship status!

3. Quba
Coming in at number three on our countdown, Romanian DJ/producer Quba (Alexandru Gajaila) has an interesting style that is sure to light a fire under your ass! Heavy drum-and-bass-infused trap combined with some amazing samples and an international flair makes him stand out as someone to keep an eye on in the months to follow. Quba definitely has the ambition and determination to reach the top! Check the links below to hear a few off his new EP Beast Mode released this year.

2. Zepfire
What is up with Canada and amazing dubstep artists that begin with a ‘Z’? Not to be confused with the duo Zed’s Dead, Nickolas Palet of Zepfire has a beat that is 100% all his own. Strong hip/hop influences help shape his sound along with a little bit of a techno house mixed with a few heavy dubstep drops. His latest EP, Digital Recon 2 Full Radar, even includes a track entitled “Madness” that was born to be a March Madness great.  How did he know?!

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