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Published: August 31, 2015

By: Harry Coomer

Top 10 Livetronica Artists On the RiseThere's no mistaking it, when it comes to The Untz, we tend to skew towards a certain side of the electronic music spectrum. Sure, we love it all (for the most part)--we dig house and future bass and whatever niche subset you can think of, but we always tend to gravitate towards the live side of things.

Is it because we're dirty hippies who come from the jam band world? Yes, 100%. You got it. Tho shredding solos and trippy tangents are part of our sonic DNA. We can't help it. Give us a solid 16-minute journey, and we're on board. But don't fill our earholes with garbage. Another facet of jam band kids is a strident, many times off-putting allegiance to certain artists, and even certain eras of those particular artists. If you want to talk snobbery of the highest degree, look no further than our senior staff.

But I digress. The important thing is that we're always on the look out for the most provacative and unique new jamtronica bands. We'll scour live recordings and pass judgment upon a band's progression from track to track and album to album. We've watched countless artists whom we know and love fall into oblivion, or rise to the top of the heap. What follows is a list of the top acts we see really coming into their own, finding their sound, and making waves in the electronic music world. These bands are breaking out.

10. Evanoff
Taking its cue in equal parts from classic rock and livetronica pioneers like STS9, the shredding of JJ Evanoff is paired with some locked in, dance music groove.

9. Skydyed
This northern Colorado act is starting to break through this year; just today announcing its latest EP Peace By Piece will be out in mid-September. You could say they're "Making Moves," but we refuse to participate in that sort of classless, pun-based journalism. We're too good for that, and so are you, for that matter.

8. Higher Learning
This Atlanta-based four-piece kicks off its fall tour this Thursday, and hits Colorado in time for a couple of STS9 after parties, which is fitting, since the band released its latest track on 1320 Records. The band is also doing a stretch of dates on Papadosio's Extras in a Movie tour.

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