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Favorite ThisTop 10 Live EDM Artists [Page 2]

Published: September 18, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

5. Beats Antique
Beats Antique - Top 10 Live EDM Artists
Abstract and artistic as humanly possible, we have Beats Antique. If you’ve ever witnessed one of their live shows you know just what we’re talking about. Drawing influences from cultures around the world, the progressive trio gently unleashes tribal tunes that dab just the right amount of electronic on top to spice things up. Like salt or garlic. Not too much, not too little. The perfect recipe for immersive tunes that will send your mind on an uplifting, spiritual adventure. No substances required. Unless we’re taking about garlic. To be honest, put as much garlic on top because we’re down for that. Just not the salt, especially bath salts. 

4. Zoogma
Zoogma - Top 10 Live EDM Artists
Zoogma loves going above and beyond till the sun goes down, orchestrating a sublime sound that quickly takes hold of your entire frame. A full live band with drums, keys, guitar, bass, and contagious production, filling dance halls with towering hip-hop samples that stick in your brain like white on rice. One of the weirdest names in electronic music…probably. But these boys are all about taking the road less traveled and choosing innovation over what’s currently trending. You probably won’t hear them remixing the new Miley Cryus song. 

3. Lotus
Lotus - Top 10 Live EDM Artists
Lotus isn’t the type of group you experience once and check off your list of “Artists To See Before Kickin’ The Bucket.” a.k.a. your bucket list, a.k.a. March of the Penguins, as we like to call it. The electronic jam band provides unique and spellbinding performances for audience members each time they step on stage, cementing a fine line between improvised moments and planned occurrences. So see them five times, maybe even six times. A year. Don’t stop seeing them is what we’re getting at. 

EOTO - Top 10 Live EDM Artists
Nobody improvises in this game like EOTO. The veteran duo continue to redefine what performing live actually means, tossing prerecorded loops out the window and playing their mysterious, dub-based sounds in a different manner each time. Nobody knows what will happen in between a set starting and ending, and that’s truly where the beauty lies. They don’t even know, and that’s sick when you think about it. It’s like they’re taking an improv acting class, but the catch is they’re actually pros and use musical instruments as primary tools. DJ Mag Top 100, please take note.

Yes, Lotus and EOTO tied for third. They’re the OG’s. And we make our own rules.

2. Big Gigantic
Big Gigantic - Top 10 Live EDM Artists
Big Gigantic doesn’t need a full live band to leave a crowd utterly speechless. Just two down-to-earth dudes expressing their love for danceable beats via drums, saxophone, and electrifying melodies. Whether they’re droppin’ groovy originals, bodacious remixes, or ubiquitous samples hell-bent on cranking a crowd’s energy to 11, it’s become completely obvious Big G is second-to-none in getting a party started. What’s not to love? Seriously, their shit is next level. And we apologize once again for not including Dominic Lalli in our list of “Top 10 EDM Stoners.” He deserved it. We know that now. 

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