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Favorite ThisTop 10 ill.Gates Songs [Page 2]

Published: January 20, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

7. Bassnectar & ill.Gates - Probable Cause

This is just a plain banger. It's got those classic Bassnectar echoey drums and that fat, wobbly bassline. But Dylan adds his magic into the mix, and the result takes it to the next level. How can you go wrong with early 90's gangsta rap theremin?

6. ill.Gates & Datsik - Eviction

If the answering machine message doesn't bowl you over with laughter, you're made out of stone. This collab with Datsik is an absolute monster. Be careful of your neighbors when you crank it...

5. EPROM - 64 Bytes the Dust (ill.Gates Remix ft Meesha & Mat the Alien)

Before anyone says "I want to produce glitch-hop," they should have to sit down and listen to this sing 100 times in a row. If the subjects thinks he or she can make a better track, fine, go ahead--proceed. But most people will just be like "Shit, I can't top that." Thus saving the world from bad glitch-hop. You're welcome.

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