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Favorite ThisTop 10 Female EDM Artists [Page 2]

Published: November 11, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. Rebecca & Fiona
Rebecca and Fiona - Top 10 Female EDM Artists

Sweden has simply mastered the synthesizer. House music on lockdown, and let’s not forget about a little genre called synth pop. Rebecca & Fiona have quickly cultivated a luscious sound that effectively pulls influence from both powerhouse fields, layering their dainty yet clutching vocals over fervent production on each equally addicting tune. Enormous respect also due for putting together a full-length album. We understand that touring makes this task difficult, but there’s just something about an LP that helps connect an artist to their fans. Plus their album shares an identical title to Paul Rudd and Jason Segal’s 2009 ode to bromance. Massive respect. 

4. Reid Speed
Reid Speed - Top 10 Female EDM Artists

You know those Dr. Pepper commercials where badass people tell their “One of a Kind Stories?” Well, Reid Speed belongs in one of those commercials. Producer. Check. Female producer. Check. Female producer and record label owner. Check and check. Come on Dr. Pepper, pay more attention to Miss. Reid Speed. The bass boss of Play Me Records has helped spark the careers of countless stars, simultaneously finding time to titillate crowds and produce thunderous anthems. Badass has a whole new meaning, and let’s remember that Reid didn’t just stumble onto an opportunity like this. She has developed a tireless work ethic for over ten years now, and slowing down isn’t an option. 

3. Mimi Page
Mimi Page - Top 10 Female EDM Artists

Most people associate the name Mimi Page with her illustrious collection of vocal features for artists like Seven Lions, Bassnectar, and Kezwik, but there is so much more to the young singer than meets the eye. Or ear in this case. The ever-evolving musician has released an album and multiple EP’s apart from the confines of traditional dance music, creating a bewitching amalgam of dreamy instrumentations and disarmingly beautiful melodies. Page has mastered production just like she mastered singing, and progression is entirely evident amongst each new track. No gimmicks or cutting corners. Just good music, and good music speaks for itself. 

TOKiMONSTA - Top 10 Female EDM Artists

Half Shadows may be the greatest album released by a producer in 2013, regardless of gender. Each track manages to possess its own unique ambiance and distinctive feel while still fitting together like each successive piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Powerful emotions, towering vocals, and an unorthodox brand of production that manages to snap genre barriers in half. To be honest, there’s no genre that could truly contain TOKiMONSTA’s masterpiece. The album tells an unmistakable story, providing clues to what each chapter strengthens while still allowing listeners to fill in the pieces. Attribute the contrasting sorrow and bliss to their own personal struggles and successes, bridging the gap between producer and listener. Just play “Green” a few times. You’ll understand.

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