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Favorite ThisTop 10 Electro Songs of 2013

Published: December 23, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Top 10 Electro Songs of 2013Electro house is a more versatile style than most people realize. The music is tailored for the dance floor, yet there is substantial depth amongst a large portion of the genre’s key releases. Beyond that, we have the colossally heavy and the intriguingly sentimental. More often than not though, these seem to cross paths. This is where electro truly gets interesting. Artists who can master this equilibrium truly reap the benefits, exhibiting forward-thinking production with abounding possibilities for variation. Within this list is an array of producers from around the globe. We’ve got Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, England, America, and Sweden represented here. From the established artists to the rising stars, these are the electro tracks that caught our attention in 2013.

10. Adrian Lux - Damage (M4SONIC Remix)
Adrian Lux – Damage (M4SONIC Remix)

M4SONIC might have the fastest hands in all of electronic music. Have you seen those things? Imagine all the other industries he could master. Card tricks, gun duals, one of those fast ass Rubik’s cube dudes. He could knit the shit out of a sweater. Santa should hire him for his workshop. Buddy The Elf has nothing on M4SONIC. Beyond that, the burgeoning Australian has a knack for producing visceral tracks laden with a youthful sense of charisma. His remix of Adrian Lux’s “Damage” aptly juxtaposes two separate fields of electro house, building up with tame melodies before unleashing schizophrenic synthesizer bursts during the drops. Big things are coming for this dude. Don’t sleep.

9. Dave Winnel & Chris Arnott - Remember to Breathe (FTampa Remix)
Dave Winnel & Chris Arnott – Remember To Breathe (FTampa Remix)

Felipe Tampa has the electro house game by the balls right now. The Brazilian prodigy premiered his gallant remix of “Blow Me” via The Untz in the early months of 2013, and since than we have watched his production abilities skyrocket with each successive chune. On “Remember To Breathe,” FTampa provides fans with a breakneck anthem suitable for festival play along with personal usage. Heavy enough to leave thousands of people dancing in unison, yet jam-packed with just enough passion to satisfy those late night headphone sessions. The choice is all yours.

8. Klaypex - I Walk Alone
Klaypex – I Walk Alone
“I Walk Alone” might only seem like a festival banger upon first listen, but there is so much more to the versatile tune than initially meets the eye. Just like “Remember To Breathe,” there is undoubtedly a duality present within the radiant gem. Sure, you could set off any house party to this track, but just dwell on the title and album art for a second. You’re walking down a deserted forest road when suddenly Klaypex comes on. The song’s steady yet emphatic build up lead you to start dancing a little bit. Nobody’s watching, so why not? Than the drop hits, and you start sprinting like you’ve never sprinted before. That’s when “I Walk Alone” turns into “I Run Alone.” 

7. Mat Zo ft Chuck D - Pyramid Scheme
Mat Zo ft. Chuck D – Pyramid Scheme

Do you think the members of Wu-Tang Clan ever imagined they’d be working with and remixing young artists from countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom when they were recording 36 Chambers? Raekwon recently spit over “Royals” by Lorde, Ghostface Killah worked with Flume, and RZA has collaborated and remixed everyone under the sun including James Blake and Alt-J. Probably not, but that’s the beauty of musical progression. On the subject of seminal hip-hop groups, we have Chuck D of Public Enemy fame laying down some vocals for Mat Zo. “Pyramid Scheme” is house music, but much funkier than anything we’ve experienced in recent memory. This music shit is all about having fun, and we can tell Mat Zo definitely had fun making Damage Control.

6. Tikkle Me - Time to Act (F.O.O.L. Remix)
Tikkle Me - Time To Act (F.O.O.L Remix)

Anybody need some orchestral electro in their (ordinary) lives? Well, that’s what F.O.O.L. was put on this earth to do. You might not think that’s what you need right now, but you do. We promise that. Just press play and uncover a vigorous ditty that pumps a breath of fresh air into house music. “Time To Act” thrives via a synthetic mixture of sinister vocals and ebullient instrumentations, joining forces to form a briskly oscillating number. We thought this track was really dope, and than three minutes hit. That’s when we started breaking household items out of jealously of F.O.O.L’s production prowess. Clean up on aisle Untz.


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