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Favorite ThisTop 10 Electro Songs of 2013 [Page 2]

Published: December 23, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. Savoy - You & I
Savoy – You & I

Savoy is unstoppable. The Brooklyn-based trio loves thrilling fans with gritty yet momentously melodic EP’s, surging electrifying synthesizers and rampant drum patterns into each tight-knit track. In 2013 we received Personal Legend and Three Against Nature from Savoy, each adding imaginative chapters to their storybook breadth of releases while sticking to a cohesive theme. You instantly know what you’re hearing is Savoy, but each successive track creates a distinct experience. On “You & I,” the dedicated group amasses a talkbox-laden jam heavily layered with pummeling walls of jolting instrumentations. So basically Daft Punk on steroids.

4. Madeon - Technicolor
Madeon – Technicolor

Madeon had a pretty light release schedule in 2013. Beyond pop tracks he produced for Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding, we only saw the boy wonder unveiling one song. Then again, that one song was absolute insanity. Attention to detail doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Complex would be selling the Frenchmen short. Through and through, “Technicolor” was a sonic journey. Madeon tells a riveting story through flickering synths and incomprehensible vocals, gripping his audience like a Chuck Palahniuk novel. Sustained tempo changes, fluctuating high and low points. That debut album couldn’t come soon enough.

3. Feed Me - Lonely Mountain
Feed Me – Lonely Mountain

“Lonely Mountain” is instantly a dope song. From the second those first keys hit, you just know. You’re locked in, and nothing can change that now. Then, surging synthesizers come at you like a bat from hell. Next up are more glacial valleys, than some snow-covered peaks. This continues for the rest of the track, with each sequence of ebb and flow becoming more impactful than the last. That’s what makes Feed Me so damn good. He thrives on this balance. His production is a musical Mt. Everest, and you must conquer the summit. Do you dare?

2. The M Machine - Moon Song (Digitalism Remix)
The M Machine- Moon Song (Digitalism Remix)

Digitalism remixed The M Machine, and the result was absolutely massive. Then again, would you expect anything less? The German duo just knows how to grapple your attention. Their pristine production will sweep you off your feet, satisfy guilty pleasures, and help you fall in love. It’s that powerful. With “Moon Song,” we witness Digitalism replacing The M Machine’s dark ambiance for more upbeat, blissful stylings. Both versions are equally impressive, but this one is more suited for the clubs. Beer in hand, gorgeous girls nearby, and an unwavering smile pressed against your countenance. This one screams definitely screams European nightlife. 

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