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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Trios

Published: October 28, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

We recently compiled a list of our favorite EDM duos. Not everyone agreed, but you had to assume we’d come back for another round. Come on, you know us. Classic trios like the Beastie Boys, Blink-182, and even Destiny’s Child have proved their salt over the years, showing us that three really is better than two. And one. And apparently four. It’s a good balance. Even with roommates or girlfriends. If you get mad at one, you can always go hangout with the other. It’s simple science really. Or maybe even mathematics. Below are ten names, 30 people total (that’s right, we can count), who have forever changed the face of dance music. Males and females spanning an endless array of genres and time frames, combining their respective forces to create some of dance music’s most powerful threesomes. Enjoy!

SAVOY - Top 10 EDM Trios
Coalescing driving electro soundscapes with fist-pumping dubstep tones, this unstoppable threesome will provide a five star experience to your eardrums like a luscious hotel stay. Beats, beds, and a delicious breakfast on the house. There’s just nothing better than a complimentary breakfast; even if you did pay like 500 dollars a night for the hotel. Still feels good. Like you saved money or something. SAVOY knows a little bit about conserving cash flow, allowing listeners to download their thunderous releases without any charge. What nice people. That way you can save up your funds and buy something useful, like a fifth of Jack or marijuana cigarettes.

9. The M Machine
The M Machine - Top 10 EDM Trios
Just imagine how much cooler any movie would be if The M Machine composed the soundtrack. Whether it was Free Willy, Citizen Kane, or even The Notebook, these dudes could pull it off. Describing their music as creative or innovative doesn’t even do justice. Time travel beats created with the intention of warping your conscious into dimensions unknown to man. These dudes just might be aliens. Has anyone checked yet? Not like illegal aliens, but straight up aliens. Extraterrestrial and glacial to a whole new level, The M Machine is what the future will sound like. Not even what the music of the future will sound like, just everything about the future. Cars, washing machines, ovens. Even cop sirens. Getting pulled over won’t even be that bad.

NOISIA - Top 10 EDM Trios
Noisia is a visionary trifecta of producers who possess an unlimited supply of determination, tact, and originality. Each carefully crafted melody is like a nuke bombarding your temple. Nothing is random. Nothing is out of place. Precise instrumentations that could lift an entire city off his hinges, on some Godzilla or The Day After Tomorrow type shit. Be careful New York, our references are coming straight for you. Did we mention James and the Giant Peach? Might have been a kid’s movie, but that peach could do some real damage. Just imagine if Noisia started eating oversized peaches while recording their venomous bangers. They could take over the entire world. 

NERO - Top 10 EDM Trios
There had been some confusion on our previous lists regarding NERO’s status as a duo or trio. The answer is trio, and don’t even try to leave Alana Watson out of the picture. Her booming vocals serve as the sprinkles to Nero’s ice-cream sundae-esque beats, stepping up Ben & Jerry’s with progressive tracks for years now. And hopefully for years to come. Things have been pretty quiet on the Nero front as of late, but that can only mean one thing: another album. Fingers crossed that it comes soon because we’re fiending for some new new. It’s like sugar. We’re like Joe Pesci in that Snickers commercial and we need more Nero. We get a little angry when we’re void of fresh beats.

6. The Prodigy
The Prodigy - Top 10 EDM Trios

The Fat Of The Land came out over 15 years ago, and continues to rein as one of electronic music’s most rambunctious and cutting edge album of time. The Prodigy wastes no time immersing listeners into their masterpiece, starting with the ubiquitous anthem “Smack My Bitch Up.” That hook is like an addiction. It’s hard to not repeat a line like that. “Change my pitch up, smack my bitch up.” We’re not suggesting you do exactly what Maxim is saying, but there’s just something about a lyric like that paired with the song’s bewitching drum ‘n’ bass tones that makes you want to start a full on riot. Someone whip up a fresh batch of riot punch. And that’s just the first song. Hall of fame album indeed.


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