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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Trios [Page 2]

Published: October 28, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. GRiZmatik
GRiZmatik - Top 10 EDM Trios

The combination of GRiZ, Gramatik, and Eric Mendelson is an undisputable dream team. It’s like the 1992 Olympic squad. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson. You catch our drift. The trio could literally make a living off smoking weed. They could travel the world with Willie Nelson and enter contests like the last scene of Beerfest. But that would just be too unambitious for our young all-stars. Instead, these bass and bud loving musicians multi-task and provide the world with funk and groove-laden tracks that shock audiences into submission. You can’t not dance when getting down to GRiZmatik. It’s in the constitution. Might have been a bonus commandment. It was on the backside of Moses’ original tablet.

4. Krewella
Krewella - Top 10 EDM Trios
Krewella has easily become of electronic music’s most avidly loved and aggressively controversial groups this past year, skyrocketing to success with a pop-based sound that has crossed over into mainstream mayhem. Three kids from Chicago that have now become a household name, pummeling crowds with their anthemic sound and unwavering work ethic. You have to give them credit. Whether you despise their image or lust over Yasmine and Jahan’s stunning vocals on a daily basis, it’s pretty clear they’ve succeeded in a big way. Let’s close this section out with a classic chorus from Puff Daddy. “You can hate me now, but I won’t stop now.”

3. Swedish House Mafia
Swedish House Mafia - Top 10 EDM Trios
Another group that has received their fair share of scrutiny over the years, we have Swedish House Mafia. The legendary trio has toyed with our emotions these past couple years with breakups, last songs, and final tours, but have forever etched a place in the heart of dance music fans aboard. Let’s admit that final Ultra show was insanely emotional. Whether you watched from the crowd or were one of the millions of people streaming from Youtube, it was clear there was a palatable sense of sadness marking the end of an era. Will they ever come back? It’s definitely not impossible. Paul McCartney is 71 and still putting out New tunes. Regardless, one thing will always be clear: They came, they raved, and they loved.

2. Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond - Top 10 EDM Trios
Group Therapy may be the greatest album in the history of electronic music. Bold claim, but let’s face the facts. Poignant vocals, gorgeous build-ups, and fitting thematic elements, creating a stellar amalgam that literally grapples your heart. Shed a tear. Jump for joy. Hug someone you love. Hug someone you’ve never met. That’s the beauty of Group Therapy. And that’s just one of Above & Beyond’s haunting releases over the years. We can’t forget about Tri-State, Sirens of The Sea via OceanLab, and recent tracks like “Walter White.” Fingers crossed for more acoustic shows soon from A&B soon. We need that. Really bad. Just imagine an acoustic version of Group Therapy. Would need nothing else in this life.

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