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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Stoners

Published: August 29, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

We’ve been contemplating making this list for like nine months now, but then we just got…ummm…distracted, I guess. We’d get all stoked on making a list of our favorite producers who love to burn one, and then we would forget. Just like that. And then one of us would be like “What ever happened to that one list we wanted to make?” We knew eventually it would get done, but certain things just got in our way. Like taxes and girlfriends, stuff like that. So just be happy this list finally exists, because when we first envisioned making this damn thing, it was probably 2012. Long before Miley Cryus was twerkin’ on TV, before Yeezus had dropped, and maybe even before Vine became so damn popular. What’s up with that one anyway?

10. Pretty Lights
Pretty Lights - Top 10 EDM Stoners
If you’ve ever seen an interview with Derek Vincent Smith, you know that he loves sitting back and blowin’ fat sacks. Behind those bloodshot eyes and wry smile, there’s a genius just waiting to push the boundaries of not only electronic music, but music in general. Plus Pretty Lights is from Colorado, so there should be no confusion here. 

9. Gramatik
Gramatik - Top 10 EDM Stoners
“Hi. I'm Gramatik. This is my page. I make music sometimes. But most of the time I just like to smoke weed. And then download my favorite CC/AMC/HBO shows. Illegally.” Are you satisfied yet? Whether he’s catching up on season five of Breaking Bad or letting loose some stunning instrumentations on stage, it’s abundantly clear this legendary producer loves to get intimate with a bag of the stickiest of ickiest. Just listen to the man’s soulful tunes. Can’t you tell what inspired them? 

8. Chrome Sparks
Chrome Sparks - Top 10 EDM Stoners
Chrome Sparks became an obvious candidate for this list after unleashing one of the greatest odes to weed culture of all time, simply and aptly titled “Marijuana.” In our laboratory, the track was found to provide a slight contact high, but sparkin’ up some fresh White Widow couldn’t hurt either. “420 Music” from start to finish, the only way heaven could be this nice is if they handed you an ounce at the pearly gates.

7. Two Fresh
Two Fresh - Top 10 EDM Stoners
Whoever sold Kendrick Nicholls and Sherwyn Nicholls ganja back in the day must have loved them. Two Fresh, two mouths to feed, and too much purple for anyone to keep track of. The twin brothers have a soft spot for blowin’ dro fast, and we can only assume all those dub sacks back in high school helped influenced their ever-growing sound. The pair relocated to CO, and once started a hip-hop project called The Baker’s Dozen. We can only assume there’s a sly stoner reference in there somewhere.

6. Baauer x Just Blaze
Baauer x Just Blaze - Top 10 EDM Stoners

If Just Blaze doesn’t enjoy puffin’ on the green, then we’re claiming false advertisement up in this bitch. Plus he made a song with Baauer called “Higher,” so there’s your double entendre right there. And I’m pretty sure you have to be extremely baked to produce trap music. We’re pretty sure that’s in the ten trap commandments. “Thou shall always be stoned while whippin’ up filthy 808’s.” Plus, Baauer remixed “Roll Up.” There’s got to be something in all this. 

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