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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Releases - October 2013 [Page 2]

Published: November 5, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

5. Feed Me
Feed Me - Top 10 EDM Releases - October 2013

Everyone got scared when Jon Gooch said he was "done." Well, he wasn't done, and Calamari Tuesday is the evidence of that. Feed Me is back in a big way. The melodic master came back to teach us a thing or two about mollusks... cetaceans? No, that's whales. What that hell are squid? Invertebrates? Are they aliens?? Are they even alive!? OK, so maybe he didn't teach us any marine biology, but he instructed us to shake our buns. Good enough.

4. Birds of Paradise - Flight Patterns
Birds of Paradise - Top 10 EDM Releases - September 2013
The Bird of Prey and Kalya Scintilla tour became even more special last week, when GIBSON joined the fray for a special Halloween performance in Arcata, CA to celebrate the release of the new Birds of Paradise record Flight Patterns. The Divine Alignment tour, sponsored by was blessed by the news that Flight Patterns reached #1 on the Beatport Breaks chart amidst some tough competition. This midtempo, psybreaks, "SubTropical" wonder is so friggin' cool we had to put hats and scarves on to even listen to it. And the damn thing has been on repeat ever since it dropped. Read our complete review.

3. Beats Antique - A Thousand Faces - Act 1
Beats Antique - Top 10 EDM Releases - October 2013
Zoe Jakes, Tommy Cappel, and David Satori are absolutely dominating the fall tour scene, right now. With their brand new stage show, and a whole host of masks, performers, and crazy instruments, Beats Antique is blowing minds one tour stop at a time. Don't for a second forget that the band's lead single from A Thousand Faces featured none other than the grand funk inquisitor Les f'in Claypool. That's damn huge. Read our full review.

2. GRiZ - Rebel Era
GRiZ - Top 10 EDM Releases - October 2013
It's still GRiZ day here at We're enamored with the guy. He's got a high-flying performance style, and his tracks just get us in the mood to rage the night away. We've been watching this guy since day one, and we've been nothing but ecstatic about how much the guy has blown up. And now he's Mr. Business Guy, running his own label and everything. His imprint Liberated Music just dropped The Floozies' new album, and you know that one is going to be on our countdown next month! Back to the man, though. Rebel Era is a flawless look at Grant's work. The guy is a genius. No question.

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