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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM - Live Bass Players [Page 2]

Published: September 9, 2014

7. Ryan Nall


Ryan Nall is part of the new generation of livetronica artists, following in the footsteps of the greats who came before him. Like many others, he's a multi-instrumentalist, but he throws down live, and Zoogma is sounding better and getting bigger with each and every performance.

6. Jesse Miller


Lotus has been on an absolute tear, lately. The band is tighter than ever, and firing on all cylinders. We absolutely cannot wait for their return to Red Rocks later this month. Over the years, one of the strongest members of the team has been Jesse Miller, who bounces around between a number of instruments, but always returns to the bass to absolutely crush. We also love Beard-o-Bees, dearly.

5. Dan Kurtz

We cried tears of joy when we learned The New Deal was coming back, and one of the main reasons for our delight was the return of Dan Kurtz. At the heart of the seminal livetronica trio, Kurtz spent the hiatus working on his Dragonette project, but his first love came back strong, and for that, we are so, so thankful.

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