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Published: November 25, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. Pretty Lights Music
Pretty Lights - Top 10 EDM Labels

Pretty Lights Music isn’t just a record label; it’s a way of life. Living “Above The Clouds” both physically and metaphorically, soaking your entire being in uplifting electro soul. The cutting-edge label founded by Derek Vincent Smith himself has proved that quality over quantity is truly a mantra worth pursuing, and giving their music away for free sure hasn’t hurt the cause either. Everything comes full circle though. Die-hard fans flock to the label like champagne on New Years, and creativity is abounding amongst each individual release. PLM for life.

Recent Releases From: Pretty Lights, Break Science, and SuperVision

4. Hospital Records (Med School)
Hospital Records - Top 10 EDM Labels

The premier record label of the drum ‘n’ bass community, Hospital Records has continued to alleviate even the deadliest of stresses and pains with medicating beats and feverous vocals. Exclusively signing ubiquitous names like Camo & Krooked, Metrik, Netsky, High Contrast, and Fred V & Grafix gives you an idea of the reverence and dedication their respective scene possesses towards them. Plus their name has a definite duality. Hospital Records, and hospital records. Get it?

Recent Releases: Etherwood, Danny Byrd, Camo & Krooked, Fred V & Grafix, Nu:Logic

3. Monstercat
Monstercat - Top 10 EDM Labels

Monstercat has proven to be the sluttiest label in electronic music lately, making their rounds to every genre and sub-genre imaginable to man. Seriously Monstercat, you might want to get that junk checked out. We aren’t complaining though. Diversity is dope. Why limit yourself to one style when you can dabble in them all? Why only get one scoop of ice cream when you have enough quarters for three? Genre monogamy is overrated. Live a little. Learn from Monstercat. If a regular cat has nine lives, than how many does a Monstercat have? Probably way more. No wonder they’ve been getting so weird on us.

Recent Releases From: Televisor, Fractal, Feint, Project 46, Rameses B, Haywyre, Tut Tut Child

2. Anjunabeats (Anjunadeep)
Anjunabeats - Top 10 EDM Labels

Has Above & Beyond ever done anything wrong? You would think they would have done something terrible by now. Released one bad song? Had a string of bad performances? Produced an album for Paris Hilton? Nope. They even started a record label from which borrowed ravenously. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery—so what is stealing then? Some serious flattery. Anjunabeats has the undeniable cuts, and that’s something no man in their right mind can deny. The trance gods thank you, Anjuna.

Recent Releases From: Andrew Bayer, Mat Zo, Arty, Super 8 & Tab, Jaytech, Audien, Norin & Rad, and Matt Lange

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