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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Duos

Published: October 8, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

The art of collaboration is a beautiful thing. Cementing the talents of two individuals, joining forces to establish an everlasting (we wish) partnership like Batman and Robin. It’s like the buddy system, or a wingman. Having someone there to share in your successes and to catch you when you’re falling. Simon & Garfunkel did it. Hall & Oates did it. Outkast definitely did it. And although we pray daily that Big Boi and Andre 3000 will reunite again, we know there’s no shortage of bombastic duos in the world of electronic music. Compiling a Top 10 wasn’t easy, and picking the realest of all time led to a couple nasty emails between our staff. But that’s life. We had to show the legends love, but don’t forget to check out our “Honorable Mentions” section after the number one artist to view some other dynamic duos we love. 

10. The Crystal Method
The Crystal Method - Top 10 EDM Duos
Electronic music moves at the speed of light. Artists and trends come and go, fading away into genre oblivion without the slightest trace. Staying relevant isn’t easy these days, but don’t tell The Crystal Method that. The electrifying duo has conquered longevity by consistently giving their fans something tasty to munch on—as anticipation rises for the eponymous album celebrating 20 years in the biz slated for an early 2014 release—leaving every set of eardrums (and palates) quenched with innovative albums since the Clinton administration. Remember the good old days? When our president was getting frisky with bitties and not inhaling.

9. Adventure Club
Adventure Club - Top 10 EDM Duos
The endearing instrumentations of Leighton James and Christian Srigley combine like bacon and maple syrup on a cold Canadian morning. Yadadamean? These Montrealers quickly gained recognition with their daring ability to remix the unremixable, switch up the “unswitchupable,” taking big risks on countless tracks and creating pure magic. Nowadays, Adventure Club is going straight to the source, birthing effervescent originals in the studio and making haste to titillate venues across the globe. To stick with the Canadian theme, “Started from the Bottom now we here!”

ZEDS DEAD - Top 10 EDM Duos
More Canadians? Dammit, we’ve only got so many references in our system. In a similar vein as Adventure Club, the boys of Zeds Dead garnered overnight success with fresh takes on tunes created long before they were born. Now they keep original bangers flowing like bagged milk, pummeling genre barriers with bass-laden treats in genres across the board. Whether they’re creating trap anthems with Major Lazer, producing synthetic beats for Omar LinX, or saying “No to Ratchet Pussy,” it’s become completely evident that Zed truly never died. That’s what happens when you don’t double tap Bruce Willis. You get DC & Hooks. Alright, guess we had a few more references in us.

7. Digitalism
Digitalism - Top 10 EDM Duos
Those damn Germans. Can you say addiction? Their enticing ambiances are comparable to Walter White’s blue meth, one quick bump and you’re soaring higher than the Goodyear blimp. Each tune is catchier than the last, and getting enough is simply “A never ending circle.” The album starts, the album ends, and you “Play it again, and again, and again, and again.” We’re literally listening to Digitalism's album now and stealing quotes. No joke. It’s like they’re writing this piece themselves. Some kind of German mind-control tactic, and we’ve completely lost all ability to think for ourselves.

6. Knife Party
Knife Party - Top 10 EDM Duos

Conceived from Pendulum’s wreckage, this ubiquitous Australian duo has quickly proven that “All the world’s a Stage” and they are undoubtedly the headliner. We’re assuming that’s what Shakespeare meant. Throwing continuous music festivals across the world and never letting the party stop. Whether you despise their galvanizing sound or use pulsing tracks like “Bonfire” as guided relaxation, it’s abundantly clear this “side-project” went a little farther than initially expected. And remember when Knife Party's music was featured in Breaking Bad? I know we’ve mentioned this in the past, but now that it’s over….RIP Breaking Bad. Fingers crossed that Better Call Saul is almost done because we’re fiending. Vince Gilligan. You there? Huell. You still in the safe house, buddy?


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