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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Collectives of 2015 [Page 2]

Published: November 30, 2015

By: Pedro Acosta

10. Courteous Family (Bay Area // LA)

This futuristic collective is focused on “spreading different, versatile sounds and flavors.” Some notable artists behind this motto are Woolymammoth, Tsuruda, Dabow, Hapa, and Tone.

9. W W W (International)

This group of artists from around the world introduced themselves to the musical realm by releasing Vol.1, a compilation of songs that aims to reignite the memories of childhood and allow the happiness of childhood to fill the listener’s soul.

8. Pizza Cult (International)

This collective comes “straight from the oven” and focuses on “feeding hungry ears.” Their impressive roster includes Goldwater, Manitee, Sober Rob, Instupendo, and more. Although they have only released two tracks, expect a lot from this group.

7. Gentlemans Club (UK)

This tenacious trio out of Britain have been making themselves known throughout the world of dubstep. Their founding members include 50 Carrot, Coffi, and Soloman but they have also been releasing songs from Pogman. These kids may be young but they know their bass.

6. Pantheon (International)

If one desired to find a group of artists who solely produced the gnarliest, grimiest stuff in the game, they need only search for Pantheon. The roster for this trap/dubstep authority includes Creaky Jackals, Illenium, Tha Trickaz, Lumberjvck, Mark Insticnt and more.

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