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Favorite ThisTop 10 Datsik Songs [Page 3]

Published: November 24, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

4. Bassnectar & Datsik - YES

The Sultan of Smash and Datsik himself teamed up for the first crossover between Bassnectar's Amorphous and Excision's Rottun Recordings for this dubby banger that gets some fiery action from Rebel MC. This is a straight-up party time cut. Don't get it twisted.

3. 3 Fist Style

Couldn't be more appropriate in the 3-spot. I miss those days when every dubstep release sampled some off-the-wall, ancient movie.

"Who did this to you?"


2. Gizmo

With his first single (along with B-side "Gecko") on Basshead Records, Datsik made a pretty clear statement: Whatever you do, don't feed me after midnight.

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