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Favorite ThisTop 10 Chemical Brothers Songs [Page 3]

Published: April 30, 2015

By: Gregory Crocker

4. Let Me In Mate

Another little known gem, this extra track exists solely on the UK release of the single “Leave Home,” and is an underrated Big Beat classic from the golden age of the genre, a must listen.

3. Dope Coil

Released all the way back in the near stone age (1994), when they were known as The Dust Brothers, this song off of one of their 2 debut EP’s released that day, this masterfully sampled hip-hop track really shows the diversity of the duo even in their earliest of days, a great song to kick back and chill.

2. Galvanize

From their more recent catalogue, and featuring lyrics from mainstream hip-hop legend Q-Tip, the opening track from their 2005 album Push the Button is less of a song and more of a story in the form of a trance-esque masterpiece. It set them apart from the typical DJ/producers and put them in the category of artists in every sense of the word, and showed the world that they were here to stay.

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