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Favorite ThisTop 10 Chemical Brothers Songs [Page 2]

Published: April 30, 2015

By: Gregory Crocker

7. Method Man - Bring the Pain (The Chemical Brothers Remix)

The stand out from the mid-2000’s CB remix album, this take demonstrates the hip-hop influence from whence they came, while also showing how far they had come. Turning a rap classic into a chilled out trip-hop track complete with some subtle dancehall undertones--it's an interesting listen. Not one of their more popular songs but a personal favorite from deep in the crates, and that’s part of what makes these lists great right?

6. Song to the Siren

The Chemical Brothers first single, released in 1992, was years ahead of its time. At a time when dance music was mostly reserved for house, hardcore and ambient music, it’s no wonder this funky, droning, broken beat freak of a song stood out. The alien drum beats and classic 70s funk style break beats made it an instant and timeless hit.

5. Let Forever Be

Another tune that blasted to the top of the charts with pal Noel Gallagher, this Beatles tribute had pop fans asking each other who the hell this was, because the psychedelic 60's tune was so very timeless in its construction. Their last hit of the waning decade.

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