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Favorite ThisTop 10 Art Outside EDM Artists [Page 2]

Published: October 21, 2014

7. Thriftworks

OMG. The new Thriftworks album is going to be so friggin' good. We're ready to Fade into the background and just let the guy do his thing this weekend. So much new material is on the horizon. Get ready to milk it.

6. DJ Vadim / Fort Knox Five

So we went with two artists in our 6-hole, because these guys have been inseparable this year. Funkin' up villages from coast-to-coast, the joint forces of DJ Vadim and Fort Knox Five have combined to bring unending freshness into our lives. Political rascals and party-starters, these guys absolutely bring the heat.

5. Welder

The reclusive Welder makes an appearance at Art Outside. How badass is that?? They tapped Brendan Angelides side project, because they know exactly how far their audience wants to go on a sonic journey. And this is the conductor. Let's just say he wears many hats.

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