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Favorite ThisTom Day & Monsoonsiren EP Review

Published: August 19, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

Tom Day (Australia) and Monsoonsiren (India) may live on different continents, but this hasn’t stopped them from blending their respective talents to create breathtaking pieces of art. The two musicians spent the last few months collaborating via the interweb, sending stems back and forth while establishing a well-defined, wholly intoxicating style of ambient electronica.
The duo’s eponymous debut sits somewhere between Sigur Rós and M83, leaving listeners agape with enigmatic vocals and visceral instrumentations. There is tranquility; there is intensity, all neatly stitched together with absolute emotion. This balancing act is what truly makes their EP so poignant. Cliffhanging build-ups gently lead to spellbinding climaxes on each abstract tune. The perfect release after completing a grueling day’s work, aptly compatible with headphones tightly pressed against eardrums. 
This stunning amalgam is also available on vinyl, complete with an immediate download of the release, an exclusive remix by Kyson, and a digital copy of Tom Day’s 2012 EP. Close your eyes, and enjoy the ride.