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Favorite ThisToadface premieres 'Perpetually On One' from SATURATED VOL 6

Published: July 21, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Whenever I see that signature Thomas Wahle art, I start to get a tingling in my extremities. It's that time of year, and the Saturated Volume 6 compilation is all I can think about. Dropping August 1st, this brand new compilation from Saturaterecords is going to be the handbook for the next 12 months as to which acts are producing the most cutting-edge bass, a sneak peek of the sounds that will seep into the system, and who's about to explode in notoriety.

It's funny to think about an indie label in Germany having so much sway over these esoteric little pockets of art cropping up around North America, but it does. Trust that tastemaking promoters and festival organizers alike are watching all the acts who have dropped tracks on past compilations. Just ask G Jones, Bleep Bloop, Conrank, and Shlump how their careers are going right now. I'll try to keep the contents of the comp under wraps, but we've already heard the collab from SKEW x yunis, and we know that Kozmo & Moniker is coming round the bend... trust me that there are a stack of heavy-hitters on this comp, and fans are going to be blown away by the level of talent.

ToadfaceThe fuse has already been lit for Todd Holler. The young midwestern producer has been high-tailing it all over the country for a while now, even popping up with a surprise guest B2B with Big Chocolate on ThazDope Records' stage at The Untz Festival. Yung Toadface has put in the time, and it's paying off. His sound is getting stronger, his sets are getting hyper, and the fan base is growing.

You could make some sort of pun like he's “Perpetually On One,” but I'm better than that. Maybe not. The bottom line is Holler's signature wubs are growing into something more exotic and mature. It's wild to see that evolution from track to track in real time. The time for Toadface is now.

What I can say is that there are 30 jaw-dropping tracks on this compilation coming from all over the world, and that every time one of these things drops, the impact ripples further and further out. Let's stay right where we are at the epicenter of all this insanity.

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