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Favorite ThisTipper - Fathoms EP [Out NOW on Addictech]

Published: February 23, 2015

By: Chris Conte

Tipper surprised fans with some consciousness expanding tunes in which our brains can soak the rest of the day. The Fathoms EP is a flourishing and invigorating force. Each track makes your eyes open wider and your mind dial in further. Dave Tipper is a revered sound architect. We can never understand his process; you just have to admire. Similar to the great pyramids in Egypt or the city on top of Macchu Picchu, only its creators know the secret. You can witness the allure by going there yourself or as with Tipper, by throwing on a pair of high-quality headphones letting this EP play through.
"Sorus" kicks off our journey into broken beats and digital drips of downtempo gooiness. Thrust your hands into the bile of a sperm whale, and get lost in the "Ambergris" as the oils pool around your fingertips. Call me Ishmael. These tunes will sound familiar to those lucky enough to catch a special downtempo set, as most of these gems showed up in one form or another over the past year.

This EP is enchanting; it's hard to break away from it. You'll want to hit repeat all day. The tone is mesmerizing, it seems to hit on a frequency that draws you in and makes you ride the waves. There is a magnetism to the sounds Tipper creates. Not many musicians can accomplish what he does in a five song album. A flow unparallelled to what anybody is doing in modern music production. Each track is a journey through Dave Tipper's fantastical imagination.

In the immortal words of Timothy Leary, "Turn on, tune in, and drop out."

Tags: BreaksDowntempoElectronicaGlitch