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Favorite ThisTiesto reaches 7 million fans on Facebook

Published: March 2, 2011

Tiësto has 7 million fans on Facebook.  Think about it.  7 million.  That's more people than live in West Virginia, Idaho, Hawaii, and Maine combined.  That's more fans than "Fresh Prince," "Comedy," and "I HATE WAKING UP FOR SCHOOL!!!"  Well, congratulations, Tiësto, you've done it again!  It's not enough that you're headlining one of the premiere electronic music festivals in the world (Ultra), and just signed on to headline what is sure to become Bonnaroo's biggest competition in the Midwest (Electric Forest Festival), but you had to go and do something like this.  As a "thank you," to his fans, Tiësto is releasing a free single, "Young Lions."  I will not be surprised if this track crashes Mediafire (who by the way, has 1/10th the fans of Tiësto).  Enjoy!

Tiësto - Young Lions


Tags: Trance