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Favorite ThisTiesto & Steve Aoki: Tornado feat. Polina (Kill The Noise Remix)

Published: September 17, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Recently, Dim Mak released a remix package of Steve Aoki and Tiesto’s ubiquitous 2011 cut “Tornado,” which features a remarkable set of unforgettable revamps sure to leave jaws droppin,’ crowds rockin,’ and a whole lot of people on their feet. 

One remix that has truly caught our attention comes from Kill The Noise, who not only bakes up a fresh set of venomous instrumentations, but provides listeners with a touching series of ethereal vocals--an ambitious combo that will touch the heart and soul of any fan. “Tornado” opens up with a tantalizing series of jumpy synth lines and soothing snare hits, which simply set the path for Polina’s fearless harmonies to shine across them. Lyrics like “We’re caught in the tornado, and it’s too late to run” and “Don’t push the alarm I’m already gone,” will fuel the imagination, while jagged dub womps kick like a distressed horse straight to the dome--this is the vocal infused dubstep of the future. 

Kill The Noise takes his infectious sound to uncharted territories, with a powerful tune that has everything you could ever dream of hearing in an EDM Track: sizzling vocals, powerful synths, and a contrasting aura that fluctuates between emotive and thunderous.

Tags: TranceHouseDrum and BassDubstepHip Hop