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Favorite ThisT.I. ft Christina Aguilera - Castle Walls (Skrux & Collin McLoughlin Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: January 8, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Peanut butter and jelly. Coffee and cigarettes. Out of the blue, two of our favorite producers got together on a massive remix, and bam, they NAILED IT. It's difficult to feel sorry for multimillionaires, but somehow, Skrux and Collin McLoughlin make us feel bad for Christina Aguilera. It's basically the modern day "Life's Been Good" from The Eagles' Joe Walsh. Sure, Christina is rich, but she feels lonely! Hire a damn friend--hell, pay my rent and I'll come hang out with you for a couple of hours each day. We can play chess. The point is this, these two bass behemoths swoop in, and perfectly craft a stunning remix. Let's hear an original with McLoughlin on vocals, boys!