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Favorite ThisThriftworks - Fader [Out NOW - Name Your Price]

Published: November 25, 2014

By: Mitchell Treend

As promised Mr. Jake Atlas last week released the second installment of his eagerly anticipated collection duly titled Fade, Fader, and Fadest.

In part two we get a hefty selection of 33 tracks to ooze over. Fader is not to be taken lightly as any release shouldn’t, bearing the name Thriftworks. Each track acts as glimpse into the mad beauty of this musical journey. Combing up and down the recesses of interstellar realms, Fader can only draw you in deeper, higher, lower, into comfort and creative continuity.

You may feel inclined to shut the lights off and fall into yourself. You may wake up in a room unfamiliar and bright. You may wonder how you got there. Fader reminds you that all is not lost. Just let go and follow the pulse of kick-snare calls from under the door.

It is difficult to choose a track let alone 5 or 10 from such an immense collection of magic. It is instead worth the time to sit down and listen from start to finish, after a run through of Fade of course. In this case it is necessary to grab your best pair of headphones, sit in quiet contemplation and let Atlas guide you through an auditory meditation of epic proportions. If you can’t find the time, check out “Gutter Cookies,” “Dorado,” “Crow/Raven,” and “The Thief” and tell me you won’t go back and listen to the entire album as it was meant to be enjoyed.

As always this stellar compilation is up for grabs at a generous “Name your price” download fee. Might we suggest shelling out a couple extra for the man’s goodwill? Keep it locked for the release of Fadest set for December 1 and prepare for the ultimate finale.

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