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Favorite ThisThree 6 Mafia vs. Metallica - Lightning Head (Wick-it the Instigator Remix)

Published: October 19, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Metalheads from the Dirty South, rejoice! Many thought Wick-it the Instigator's TRAPT DA FUKK OUT remix of Bryan Adams'  "Everything I Do" couldn't be topped. It's a tough call, but we think he did it. And here's how: The Nashville-based producer grabbed his cracked copy of Metallica's 1984 masterpiece Ride the Lightning, jumped in his Flamin' Hot Cheetos donked out Chevy Caprice (suburban folk, Google is your friend), juiced up his Big Gulp with promethazine and codeine--colloquially, syzzurp--and took a swervy ride down I-40 to Memphis.
Mixed metaphors abound in this mash-up. One of the last Mustaine-era tunes for Metallica, James Hetfield's lyrics for "Ride the Lightning" could be construed as an anti-death penalty protest song (with a killer Kirk Hammett solo). On the other hand, the Three 6 Mafia ballad "I'd Rather," featuring supporting evidence from DJ Unk can only be described as an ode to the virtues of fellatio versus the wildly pleasurable but somehow less satisfying act of coitus. Gentle extrapolation decodes Wick-it's stance to be "it's better to be getting dome than sitting in the electric chair."
Regardless of the enigmatic message, one thing is for certain: Wick-it's genre-busting mash-ups know no bounds. Dabbling in moombah, trap, dubstep, and 90's love ballads quenches no thirst for the mad man behind the controls. Metallica and Montay, speed metal and the Southern Style DJ's--everything is fair game. Fuck dubs, keep rollin' on them 30's, Wick-it.