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Favorite ThisThe Untz presents Filibusta 'Drop the Brass' live band tour

Published: January 19, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Fine. FINE! If no one else is gonna say it, I'm gonna say it: We're cosmic matchmakers.

There, it's been said.

Last year, the winners of our annual UNTZ CHALLENGE were perennial favorite Filibusta, and newcomer Ryan Viser. The pair hit festivals coast to coast as part of their prize, spending much of the summer of 2014 running into each other over and over again.

Six months later, what do we find out? Filibusta, aka Troy Probst is assembling a live band and going on tour with... Ryan Viser! Along with guitarist Goodness Gracious, the trio forms the foundation of the Filibusta Live Band.

Here's what Probst had to say about the live Filibusta stage experience:

The idea to form the Filibusta Live Band has always been a dream of mine since way back in college when I started the Filibusta project. In high school, I was in a few bands, but the problem in college was finding band members on the same commitment level. The whole DJ/Producer thing was just something to keep my musical creativity flowing until I could find a new band. Well I started DJ'ing a lot more and decided to put the whole band thing on the back burner until an opportunity presented itself, but I never truly left that game. I’ve always tried to create a live element in my sets, from live keyboard and vocals to effects and sampling. Trying to be a one man band is super rewarding, but it limits what can be done/heard on the stage, ergo limiting what the audience will get out of your set. So for the Drop the Brass Tour, I decided to invite 2 very talented and hardworking individuals on the road and on the stage with me. Ryan Viser (trumpet) and Goodness Gracious (guitar) will be joining me for dates 1/16-2/21, and for Chicago 1/24, I plan to add a drummer into the mix. I’m super stoked to be working with these guys because I like to think of the Filibusta Live Band in terms of synergy: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Anyone attending one of the dates on the tour is going to be in for a real treat…that I can guarantee!

The guys will be hitting the midwest hard this month and next, and the special Chicago show this Saturday, January 24 at The Abbey Pub features Govinda, Psymbionic, and Homemade Spaceship, along with Filibusta's live band with a drummer.

We couldn't be happier about the live band, our matchmaking skills, and presenting the tour. Don't worry, we'll pat ourselves on the back. You just get your buns out to one of these shows!

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