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Favorite ThisThe Untz Limited Edition Grassroots California Hat out Today

Published: December 18, 2011


For a while now, people have been clamoring for some sort of merch from us at The Untz. We didn't want to just rush out and hastily throw together a box of keychains, beer cozies, and janky USB drives for you. We wanted to find an organization that had the drive and ambition that embodies what it is we do, and understands where we come from. Through our many partnerships on various projects and events with Grassroots, we've come to find our brothers in the scene, and it was only right that they would bring to life the spirit of our mission.

So, it was only fitting that we unveiled our brand new The Untz snapback at our 2nd anniversary show at Temple SF, an event co-sponsored with Grassroots and Euphonic Conceptions. If you were there, you might have noticed Danny Beall a.k.a. NiT GriT rockin' the snapback all night, as well as our good friend Freddy Todd. We now have those hats available for you through our site, and we hope you'll take the opportunity to support us by grabbing one (or a couple). You know that we're not constantly shilling products or invading your airwaves with PBS-style pledge drives, but if you like what we do, this is a great way to let us know, and help us out a little bit along the way. As usual, the GRC team has done an amazing job with the designs, and these are high-quality products built to last. Plus, everyone who sees you will know exactly what you're all about: The Untz.




NiT GriT Photos By: Luke Fields