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Favorite ThisThe Untz Gift to You - 'Oh Shit It's Christmas' from Lowpro Lounge and Daly City

Published: December 2, 2010


In 2008, Bay Area record labels Lowpro Lounge and Daly City released what would become one of the first edm/glitch Christmas Albums ever: "Oh shit... it's Christmas!"  The eleven tracks took on one of the most cherished of traditions and repainted it with the palette of West Coast electronic music, complete with shifting basslines and glitched out micro-textures.  

The Untz is proud to announce that we will be gifting this album FOR FREE during this 2010 Christmas season!   With music from Mochipet, NastyNasty, The Flying Skulls, Preshish Moments, Ben Samples, James Christopher + The Zaptap, J.Tonal, Majitope, Vladimir Computin, Bender, and Bloody Snowman. The album is laced with humor and irreverence, and provides a funky alternative for DJs wanting to inject a little holiday HO into their sets.

We will be releasing one track per day, so get the whole collection and rage your office christmas party in style! 

Jingle Crunk (Mochipet)

Oh Ho Ho (by Preshish Moments)

El Jefe Hallelujah (J.Tonal)

 Little Dumber Boy (Vladimir Computin)

Christmas 2012 [attack of the mechanical santas] (James Christopher & Zaptap)

Xxxmas Morning (The Flying Skulls)

Carol of the Bellz - (Samples)

Ho Ho Ho (Bender)

Snowdrift (NastyNasty/Build128)

What is Christmas? (Majitope)

Snowplay (Bloody Snowman)

"Best. Christmas. Album. Ever!" - Sugarpill

"I was slightly taken off guard whilst deejaying on Thursday when somebody came and asked me to play some Christmas music. I stared incredulously and adopted the tone which deejays save for those poor individuals who know no better and reminded her it wasn't Christmas. 'But we're on our Christmas Party' she replied. Shit, then maybe it is Christmas... and to be fair it nearly is, but I still refused to acknowledge this fact until Daly City and Lowpro Lounge dropped 'Oh Shit It's Christmas', with a stocking full of fine Electronic artists such as Mochipet, J. Tonal and Nasty Nasty." -Chromekids

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