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Favorite ThisThe Polish Ambassador reveals Pushing Through The Pavement Remixes

Published: July 10, 2015

By: Ellie Salrin

The Polish Ambassador recently dropped an inspired remix album to complement his 2014 studio release Pushing Through The Pavement. The album marked a new chapter in the book that is TPA that leaves the listener inspired. Deep sonic exploration combined with Mr. Lif’s on-point hip hop and Ayla Nereo’s sultry vocals to create an entirely new sound that still maintains the funky Polish vibe. This remix album revisits this glorious microcosm with new twists on tracks from must-know artists like Gladkill, Dimond Saints, saQi, and more that hit different areas of the electronic producer spectrum.

The Polish AmbassadoreO & Kyrstyn Pixton’s “ Let The Rhythm” takes the song to a bit of a faster tempo with some tropical beats added that accompany the horn sound in the original track. They exaggerate some sections of the song, as the occasional housey sounds are thrown in with some deeper glitches. Scott Nice’s “Koyelia” has exotic and passionate female vocals. Nice threw in tribal sounding drum beats that coalesce as the track flows in and out, as well as a bit of scratching.

saQi played a large part in the original album, as The Polish Ambassador did in saQi’s latest album, The Well. He is an integral part of the Jumpsuit Records crew, providing wisdom, world beats, and lots of sexy trumpet. In this remix of “Gathering Of The Tribes,” he threw in marching band drums, hyphy synths, and African percussion to give the track a more textured sound.

RoboCLIP’s rendition of “Sonido del Sol” slows down to make it a bit dirty. Intricate clicks, beats, and melodies take the listener through the story that is this piece, while the horn sounds tickle the eardrums.  Mr. Rogers’ take on “Let The Rhythm” features robust sounds that slide the listener into this trippy remix filled with chimes and robotic noises; a palatable soundscape.

Ryan Herr’s “Sri Gurvastakam” exudes a worldly vibe, providing a gateway into an exotic and beat-laden universe. String sounds and smooth, mellow melodies provide accents to this trip. In Dimond Saints’ “Ritual Revival,” the beautiful opening sounds of chimes segue pristinely into a funky and flavorful beat. The duo blew it out of the water and the fullness of their sound blasts your speakers perfectly.

An added bonus to enjoyable remix albums like this is a selection of artists to explore. The remixers were handpicked from a selection of esteemed musicians. If you are like us and constantly on the prowl for new artists and material you haven’t heard before, this is a great place to dig in and explore.

The original album brought in the musical talents of Ayla Nereo and Mr. Lif for most of the selections. The tour “Pushing Through The Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour” left a legendary footprint in music community. Leveraging the sheer number of loving individuals who attend his shows, the Polish Ambassador hosted Action Days at each stop along the tour.

The events brought fans, promoters, community members, and TPA’s crew together to build meaningful ties in the area. From building community gardens to educational workshops, drought tolerant landscapes that can produce a yield, the days brought large numbers of people to make positive impact on their world. This movement not only promotes positive impact amongst this culture, but proves sceptics/critics of live music (especially electronic) wrong. It is not a counterculture of waste and excess, but can be a positive force that can make a real difference if we come together.

...and remember to limber up the glutes.

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