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Favorite ThisThe Polish Ambassador: Ecozoic Review

Published: May 7, 2013
By: Lisa Disinger

Today, David Sugalski, helmsman and fleet commander of The Polish Ambassador project, launches the complete sound collection Ecozoic. The sequence was initiated several weeks ago, when the intergalactic EDM emissary began releasing one track at a time over the course of several weeks, tactfully establishing a climax of excitement in anticipation for it's eventual release. The entire collection is FINALLY available for a "name your price" download on Bandcamp, along with a SUPER SPECIAL BONUS SURPRISE that will rock your world twice as hard. 


A bountiful cornicopia overflowing with dancedelic beats, Ecozoic displays an evolution in sound for The Polish Ambassador, stepping away from the artistically pixelated and intentionally elementary synth sounds of his early discography and unfurling a collection of more delicate and subtly effective hues.  Although the PA is beginning to distance himself form the world of electro, elements of his square wave signature sounds still sneak into the downtempo, psychedelic mix. Without leaving the originality of his own compositional integrity behind, this producer has aligned his music with the expanding cosmic primalism movement; a faction of EDM culture that pays homage to tribal and earthly roots, while in tandem reaching up and out to include futuristic, spaceage sounds. For the Ambassador, the result is a melodic composite of etherial pads, native drums and jungle mallets with funky fun bass lines and hip-hop samplings. 


The sound  brought to the table in the Ecozoicic collection are appealing and accessible to a vast audience, focusing on an emotional atmosphere that is swinging, playful and upbeat while featuring musical stylings from a wide variety of genres. A handful of dub reggae inspired tracks weave their way into the mix, coming to the forefront in an accomplished effort to include world infused beats. Synth sounds take the form of a real instrumental sound palette including the ethnic instrumentation of beaded shakers, glistening bells, hammered dulcimers, as well as plucked and bowed strings. Intricate use of filtering, warping notes and subtle beat-skip variations from phrase to phrase are added to these earthly sounds for a space age spin. 

Among the soft, spacey and ecclectic timbres used by The Polish Ambassador for this album are the songs of vocal enchantress Ayla Nero, laying down some alluring melodies on top of sliding, stretching bass synths.  


The ever prolific productions of The Polish Ambassador will continue to reach the ears and hearts of listeners throughout the galaxy with the project's latest release, Ecozoic. An interesting feature throughout this album is the imaginative use of outros in each track, creating an extra mini track within each individual production. The last few seconds of these numbers are used as a way to smoothly usher the listener into the next track; an atmospheric segue leading into the next sonic experience.  All aboard for the Ecozoic journey piloted by The Polish Ambassador, your favorite homeboy from outerspace! The "Space Escalade" launches when you press play; to the dancefloor and beyond!

Tags: ElectroGlitchHip HopHouse