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Favorite ThisThe Polish Ambassador - Breathe Her

Published: July 30, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
The Polish Ambassador is trading his trusty ski suit for crushed velvet bellbottoms and a cotton-poly blend flower print bowling shirt, unbuttoned just below the sternum to reveal a curly pop of chest hair--a delicate bed for his gold chain sporting 14 karat Mars and Venus pendants. That's right, David Sugalski's gone from captain of the party-startin' squad to late-night lovemaker. Known for supplying the beats that move the booty, his new six-track Superpowers EP is a sensual ode to bedroom badness. Full of lush melodies and passionate vox, The Polish Ambassador is setting the mood with slow-jam beats and plenty of bouncy bass. More of a wink and a whisper than an all-out sonic assault, TPA requests fans to "stow away your fist pump, put on your chill socks, and ready yourself for some mystery sex theater." Superpowers will be dropping August 1st for the low, low price of FREE directly from, but to set a little mood of our own, presents "Breathe Her," a bubbly midtempo number that positively drips with sexuality, the perfect tune to bump at the after-after party.