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Favorite ThisThe new ProJect Aspect EP All We Dream has us feeling a mile high.

Published: March 14, 2016

By: Bo Nuanual

Colorado’s underground bass scene is undeniably one of the most fire creative hot spots on this globe right now - known to churn the shit in that crockpot the fuck up. It's undeniable. What are the ingredients in this rocky stew you might ask? Simply put… There is talent. There is a strong counter-culture. Not everyone smokes but hell, those homies have been legally growing and glowing since day one. The spot is “The peoples'” ground zero – that greenish-gold rush style movement.

It is certainly no surprise or shock to most of us as to why almost all of the music coming out of Colorado, for at least the past two short decades, enchants listeners with signature cutting edge and unique dance spells. It makes pretty damn good sense as to why the whole country pays attention when an album drops like, All We Dream develops traction (translation - when talent rises up from a mile high making audiences toasty like a hot fucking sock we get wet).

There are folks pushing the electronic envelope hard as fuck out there and none of the country or even world can replicate those sounds because we lack that geographic and “You gotta be here to be here” thang. I am so keen and keeping my eyes peeled on their mountain style. ProJect Aspect’s new album, All We Dream has been spinning non-stop the past 72 hours on all my electronic devices. I am working on blowing out each and every one of my speakers and heads. I’m getting pretty fucking close. We think this drop is hot as fuck.

Jay Jaramillo's 6-track pack dropped on a label based on the other side of this vast blue rock. Australia's Adapted Records recognizes the glitch-hop prowess ProJect Aspect possesses. But it's still very much a Rocky Mountain record, with that mountain sound, and guest appearances from Denver favorites like Kruza Kid on the title track.

The culture that is vibrationally expressed - literally from dudes living at least a mile high above sea level – contributes to my personal yet certain feeling of “What the fuck!” Folks whom hail out from the Pacific and west coast occasionally wake up from dreams taking place in the Rockies as a hippie with a gorgeous lover scratching their neck whilst simultaneously rolling a tobacco cigarette. I wake up right after she licks the paper and it sucks.

The Untz Festival Phase 3Fascinated as fuck, I spent the past few days asking local talent up in Northern California what they thought of ProJect Aspect’s sound and game and without any deviation or disagreement, all the homies unanimously concluded that this sound is hot and has one of the warmest spots in the house. The shit's hot people! From opener "Don't Stop" to closer "Where Am I" (the latter contains some deep Bassnectar vibes, FYI).

ProJect Aspect demonstrates a fluid range of broader styles throughout the album’s Journey. As you listen to the whole album, you can pick up on a handful or two of musical ideas and concepts - and all of them work pretty damn well. Represented by the ever-expanding Mile High Sound Movement, I personally am enjoying every moment of getting closer to this special geographical sound, crew, and movement. We all have our own takes on what spins well so I am timid to make a super huge proclamation, but fuck it – This Rocky rock rocks hot.

So I am just going to throw this out there party peoples – ProJect Aspect is going to do the damn thing at The Untz Festival this June. The newest and most intelligently constructed underground bass show to hit our continent via the mouth of Yosemite is within ya grip. Get it! Get your shit together and catch Unlimited Gravity spin back-to-back alongside ProJect Aspect. Think mile high peoples! Stay up.

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