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Favorite ThisThe new OPIUO album Meraki is exactly what you hoped it would be!

Published: March 21, 2014
By: Chelsea Bray

Today marks the release of an 11-track, hard-hitting set of songs from OPIUO, collectively titled Meraki (MAY-RAH-KEE). Giving his audience the funk in a bass-heavy style, Oscar Davey-Wraight has been said to bring some very tasty “audible treats.” This New Zealander has been a fixture in the electronic music scene for nearly a decade; he’s played with Bassnectar and even MC Hammer, selling out venues, and also reaching number one on iTunes. When he’s not playing a one-man show, he has been known to bring it to life with a full band.
OPIUOIn classic Opiuo style, “Spuzzle Bucket” gets right into the head-nodding, feel-good sound, while “Snorkel” presents his tough side with just the right amount of 808. He pretty much gives us everything. Including some songs featuring Beats Antique, D-Sens, Spoonbill and Russ Liquid. The star of the album, however, goes to a track he collaborated on with Syreneyiscreamy and Gift of Gab. This track has it all: slick rhymes from the gabber himself, the soulful addition of Syreneyiscreamy, and of course the kind of feeling from Opiuo hopes he produces—soulful.
Opiuo decided to release Meraki completely independently and on a newly formed label, Slurp Music. And with that his idea for funding this album came to light. Opiuo posted his album as a project on Now closed to the public, this site made it possible for anyone to buy merchandise for various prices, equipment that was used on the album, your name in a song title for $1,000, a disposable camera that he held onto for a week for $100, and $75,000 for a 24-hour party anywhere in the world. There are items not mentioned that, if people do buy, went straight to making Meraki—along with 10% that went to Musicians Making A Difference to teach under privileged kids the power of music.
Meraki is a Greek work that means doing something with passion and soul. I think it’s safe to say, Opiuo named his album perfectly. Just from the excitement Opiuo has himself over this album should make anyone want to listen that much more.

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