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Favorite ThisThe new Klassik album mixes glitch, funk and plenty of bass

Published: February 9, 2017

By: Alexandra Gimpel

Sam Klass’ new self-titled album, Klassik, takes fans on a journey filled with live instruments and synthesizers. Think of STS9 fused with EOTO to get a better sense of what you’re getting yourself into. The album incorporates layered ebb and flows, extensive saturation and flawless live instrumentals.

The album opens up with “Dust Up” highlighting Klassik’s flawless mixing skills. The song prepares listeners for an album full of impressive blending of live instrumentals and bouncy synths. There is a fair amount of saturation complementing the live guitar throughout this song, allowing listeners to bob their head to and fro.

Wolves of the Whiteshell” is next on the album and trust me, it’s nothing but epic. Saturated undertones and heavy live instrumental chords let listeners feel encompassed in a mysterious atmosphere. Yet, it’s the live instruments here that steal the show and make the song one of awe.

Sam KlassThird on the album is “Get Woke” which fuses deep saturated synths and live jam, keeping the song levelheaded. Sam Klassik’s ability to layer beats effortlessly is showcased in this single. And, in “Puck Fants,” he also accents his careful fusing skills in a lounge-style listening jam. The synths pulsate the listener while the live instruments accompany the heavy electronic beats.

Cold Blood” captivates listeners on the album for its otherworldly style. The spacey live instruments and heavy bass lines satisfy listeners whether they prefer glitch or jam. Klass continues on in “Purple Saiyan” where he bounces beats back and forth driving the listeners into a funky dancing apparatus.

Live instrumentals build up the gem on the album known as “Down the Hatch.” When your earbuds reach the chorus, prepare yourself for a Pretty Lights sort of vibe comprised of scratching and glitch—but with a Tribe-like fusing of live instrumentals. This song swelters the soul with its experimental crunchy tones and live instrumentals.

Ornithoper” allows listeners a glance into a scene of causality but with a sense of gritty heaviness. Sam Klass incorporates glitchy synths and adds extraterrestrial bleeps and bloops while effortlessly mixing live instrumental chords in this song.

Make sure to adjust your intergalactic shoes as “Crunk Space Goat” transcends you into space. Klassik’s experimental sensibilities transport listeners into The Widdler’s underground dungeon comprised of grimey and crunchy undertones. Multi-layering instrumentals and punch beats add to “Crunk Space Goat” which is nothing short of a bass treasure.

Just like the title of the song, “Wave,” Sam Klassik drops vibrations one after another. Live instrumental acoustics accompany the crunchy synths making “Wave” a must-listen song on the album. Lastly, “Juggler” emerges with vocals in a relaxed beat, but wait for the chorus. Heavy chords from the live instrumentals surge into listeners ears and expand their ear drums into unlimited proportions.

Similar to STS9, EOTO, Pretty Lights and even The Widdler, Klassik serves as a must-listen for any electronic music fans. Whether you are looking for some gritty bass or live instrumental jam, Klassik has got you covered.

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