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Favorite ThisThe New Deal - Live: Toronto, 7.16.2009

Published: March 1, 2010

The New Deal
Live: Toronto, 7.16.2009
Available online now
With over 700 shows and 9 records under their belt, the NEW DEAL understands the concept of evolving both as a group and as musicians. Their new album, Live: Toronto, 7.16.2009 (SCI Fidelity Records), proves that the band’s improvisation-based show model continues to be a perfect platform for the development of their unique sound. The New Deal's ten-year career has spawned countless Live-Electro bands, garnered numerous award nods and continues to inspire an ever-growing audience that flocks to their sold-out concerts.
The release of Live: Toronto marks a time in the NEW DEAL’s career where their sound and showmanship have been taken to a totally new level. From North America to Asia, their concerts are drawing ever-increasing audiences filled with new faces, proving that grassroots popularity can be a truly satisfying progression upward.
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