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Favorite ThisThe M Machine - Ghosts in the Machine ft pennybirdrabbit (Kill The Noise Remix)

Published: August 12, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

If you're going to remix The M Machine, you better bring it. Remixing those three geniuses is a daunting task, but Jake Stanczak was up to the challenge. The real standout from 2013's Metropolis Pt II was the brooding, darkwave, post-apocalyptic opus "Ghosts in the Machine." On August 27th, OWSLA will give fans this triumphantly nightmarish companion piece. Kill The Noise brilliantly keeps pennybirdrabbit's ethereal and haunting vocals intact, while pulling back on the tempo to mechanize this gloriously nasty crusher into a lumbering giant of a dubstep dynamo. It's kind of unreal how KTN managed to keep the essence intact while injecting the tune with the requisite Stanczak swagger.