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Favorite ThisThe M Machine ft pennybirdrabbit - Ghosts in the Machine

Published: February 7, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Wow, let's just throw all perceived journalistic impartiality out the window here. "Ghosts in the Machine" from The M Machine (featuring OWSLA's favorite vocalist pennybirdrabbit) is friggin incredible. Following a pretty straightforward remix of Bruno Mars' megasmash "Locked Out of Heaven," we're finally getting a taste of the new M Machine sound set to blow minds when Metropolis Pt. II drops on Feb 19th. We are shaking with anticipation. "Ghosts" is the soundtrack to Patrick Bateman's coke-fueled murder sprees. This is what people thought 2054 would sound like in 1985. Dark New Wave on powerful pills. This is The M Machine.