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Favorite ThisThe Funk Hunters release Night Spell 2, play Denver with Chali 2na 2-20

Published: February 20, 2015

By: Ali Van Houten

Canadian duo The Funk Hunters is best known for remixing old school classics and wowing crowds with their innovative audio-visual shows that feature a live band. But after the success of their first “Night Spell” mix last spring, they’ve assembled a sequel: “Night Spell 2: Another Love.”

The guys cram a plethora of tunes and genres into the mix so you can boogie down for over an hour. The tracks included range wildly from the well-known, like the Big_Once remix of 2014’s ubiquitous “Faded,” to comparably more obscure tracks such as Boombox’s “Kool Aid Smile.”

A funky guitarized thread runs through the mix, weaving together treats such as Beat Fatigue’s “Synthesized Coitus” and Gramatik’s great instrumental remix of Madden’s “You’re On.”

There are also other hidden gems, including Dabeull’s “TR 707” ft. Holybrune and even a Justin Martin remix. Lamb’s “Trans Fatty Acid” and a funky FKJ remix of ZHU’s “Paradise Awaits” and cool it down towards the end.

If you’re not familiar with these funksters, be sure to check ‘em out! They hit Cervantes in Denver tonight (2/20) with hip-hop legend Chali 2na. Then the duo hits Envision next week in Costa Rica, with a return to Colorado for SONIC BLOOM in June.

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