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Favorite ThisThe Floozies Top 10 Albums curated by Matt Hill

Published: October 14, 2015

Editor's Note:

Floozies CO runIt makes us pleased as punch to see the little guys become the big guys in this industry. The best example of that phenomenon is watching the rise of The Floozies. Brothers Matt and Mark Hill were hustling it out in small clubs across the Plains trying to convince fans that what electronic music was missing was the funk. Well, we'd say the Hill brothers pretty much convinced us.

After helping GRiZ sell out Red Rocks Amphitheatre as part of a massive All Good Records blowout, the Hills return to Colorado to give fans the tender loving they need. That's why they'll be playing three nights in the Rocky Mountain State. First, you've got the Belly Up Aspen on October 22, then a special double-date at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO (obvs) October 23 and 24. Along for the ride are special guests Krooked Drivers, SunSquabi, Deluxe, and SoDown.

But we wanted to know, from whence does The Funk originate? Well, it's quite complicated, because as we hope you understand, there is no Fountain of Funk (though we've sent out some Portuguese explorers to search for it). No, it must be gathered in bits and pieces from all over the place. So we asked Matt Hill to tell us what his Top 10 Favorite Albums are in the hopes that we can figure out what makes him tick...

October 22 - Belly Up Aspen - Aspen, CO w/ Krooked Drivers - Tickets
October 23 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO w/ SunSquabi & Deluxe - Tickets
October 24 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO w/ Krooked Drivers & SoDown - Tickets

10. Prince - Purple Rain


Gotta have Prince and Purple Rain has "When Doves Cry." I went through a period where I listened to that song approximately 100 times a day.

*Sorry, Prince will sue us into the Stone Age if we post any of his clips :-/

9. Pretty Lights - Glowing in the Darkest Night

My favorite Pretty Lights albums are the 3 EPs of 2010 and my favorite PL song is "Gold Coast Hustle." I used to put that song on and then watch basketball highlight mixes on mute and the song still pumps me up and makes me want to hit the studio or go play basketball or both.

8. Michael Jackson - Bad

The impact of MJ and Quincy Jones on music in general cannot be overstated. I think if they released some of these songs now they would still be hits. Timelessness and musical omnipresence like this are truly incredible. This album has my favorite Michael Jackson song, "Speed Demon," which Mark and I listened to on repeat for about two hours when we were driving to Summer Camp the first year we played there. But it also has "Dirty Diana," "Man in the Mirror," "Bad" (duh), "Smooth Criminal"... If you don't have it in your music collection then you probably should.

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