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Favorite ThisThe Floozies play their 'Wild Card' from the stacked Granola Jones deck.

Published: February 5, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Another Friday brings another heater from The Floozies. Clearly Matt and Mark Hill have been listening to a lot of Headhunters and Zapp & Roger, because their funk has gotten this throwback glitch, retro-hip-hop, 80's phasers, slap yo' momma sound to it, these days. Today's barnburner, "Wild Card," has a super glitchy attitude, with vintage flavors that can only come from hours of imbibing classic sounds. If you're wondering what Matt and Mark are listening to, we totally have you covered.

The Floozies will be dropping the Granola Jones EP on All Good Records very soon, but prepare yourself for the onslaught of tour dates that kick off next week. You're up first, midwest. Watch out, bitches.

The Floozies - Granola Jones tour

Tags: GlitchLivetronica