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Favorite ThisThe Celebration of April 19th, 1943 Through Art and Creation - Bicycle Day RE:CREATION in San Francisco

Published: April 12, 2012
By: Natty Morrison

A funny thing happened on April 19, 1943.  While working on a new, relatively unknown compound named lysergic acid diethylamide, scientist Albert Hoffman accidentally absorbed some of the chemical through his skin.  Three days later, Hoffman, having been impressed by the drug’s effects, intentionally ingested 250 micrograms of LSD.  Feeling as though he may have taken too much, Albert went for a bike ride.  It was during this ride that Hoffman underwent a life-changing experience. Hoffman had no idea he’d embarked on the world’s first LSD trip, nor did he have any idea of the social implications that would come from this laboratory accident, but from that day forward, the world of art, philosophy, music, and culture would never be the same.  Since then, April 19 has held a special place in the psychedelic warrior’s heart.  And all across the country, heads will be celebrating it in their own way.

If you’re lucky enough to be anywhere near San Francisco, I suggest you make your way to 1015 Folsom for the Official Symbiosis Pre-Party.  Euphonic Conceptions “Bicycle Day RE:CREATION” will be hosted by visionaries Alex and Allyson Grey. The night will be a celebration of art and creation, with live visuals and painting by Jonathan Singer, the Further Collective, Tribe13 Collective and first time collaborations between Alex Grey and artist Mars-1.  But the night will also be a celebration of music, with sets by Michal Menert, Ana Sia, Heyoka, David Starfire, Chron4, Flying Skulls, Kitty D and many, many more.  There will be four rooms of music and the party goes until 4am!  Tickets are $30 at the door and also available HERE.

Michal Menert – “Lemme Tell You”

Ana Sia - “Hybrid Vigor Mix”

Heyoka - “Intergalactic Carnival Minimix”

David Starfire - “Get Up Stand Up (Dubstep Remix)”

The Flying Skulls - “The Dude Abides”

Kitty-D - “That ThanG”

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