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Favorite ThisThe Big Up artist spotlight: An-ten-nae

Published: August 8, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

An-ten-naeVeteran producer and promoter Adam Ohana (better known as An-ten-nae) has been enjoying a huge festival season this year, as well as major releases and showcases with his partner in crime DJ Laura as LowRIDERz. The Untz got a chance to talk with Ohana in anticipation of his headlining set at The Big Up festival (Aug 8-10 - Claverack, NY) this weekend. The festival itself kicks off today, tickets and information at

You're headlining The Big Up this weekend. Being a west coast guy, what would you say is the biggest differences between west coast and east coast festivals?
I haven't played too many east coast festivals. I would say, though, west coast festivals like LiB and Symbiosis really go all out on making it more than just the music and do a great job with integrating the community and large scale art. 

Do you have a favorite festival?

So far this year LiB and WTF were magical and really looking forward to Symbiosis this year.

Many would call you a pioneer is the electronic music industry, especially on the west coast.  Having been around it when it wasn’t the cool thing, do you feel that EDM’s explosion into the mainstream is ultimately a positive or negative thing?

It has its positives and negatives. Positives are people are getting exposed to new and exciting music at a young age and being exposed to an open loving community. Negatives are there is a lot of dumbed down music being made for mass consumption.


With the explosion of EDM, you have a lot more DJ’s and producers out there who are trying to get their name out. An-ten-ae Presents has been extremely instrumental in that aspect. Why is it still so important to you to help these guys get their name out there?

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting music that pushes boundaries and help propel electronic music as a whole into the future.

Which artist in the EDM game would you want to work with most?

Santigold. I love the range of emotion and depth of her voice. Also Purity Ring.

Do you have any more acid crunk chapters in the works? 

Working on the next acid crunk compilation right now which will be an all collaboration style project.

You have been in this game for a long time, and your shows tend to get a little bit rowdy. What is your craziest show memory?
So many, though last year at LiB it got so rowdy on stage people jumping on the table and climbing the bamboo structure, thought the whole stage would come down... I love it when I'm surrounded with people on stage and it feels like a party. I kinda dislike the whole EDM I-got-a-bigger-projector-than-you, where it becomes so egotistical. I like to be in the midst of a party and create pandemonium.

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